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Free Domain Name Parking

You are thinking about setting up a web site and decided on the domain name you want to use. However, you are not ready or cannot afford to commit to a web hosting or server account. How can you be sure that the domain name is still available for your use when you are ready? Answer: By registering and parking your domain with 45th Parallel Internet Services. If you already own a domain name but want to park it at 45th Parallel Internet Services, you can transfer the domain name to the 45th Parallel Internet Services Registrar.

Except for the fee for registering or transferring your domain name (as shown in our Domain Pricing page), Domain Name Parking on the 45th Parallel Internet Services servers is absolutely FREE! In addition, we provide you with the following FREE features:

  1. Two email mailboxes with an email address in the form, yourname@yourparkeddomainname.com. These are full POP3/SMTP and web-based mailboxes, accessible by your own email client (such as Eudora, Outlook Express, etc.) or your web browser. Each of the two mailboxes are 5GB in size.

  2. An Under Construction type web page. This will let visitors know that your domain is not a fake. Even if you never actually develop a web page, you can leave the Under Construction web page active. Yes, you can leave your domain parked on our servers for as long as you desire. The only requirement is, you must keep the domain active by ensuring you pay the renewal fees when the domain requires renewal. The current renewal fees are shown in our Domain Pricing page.
Use the following steps to park your domain on our servers:
  1. If you are a current customer, login to the Client Support Portal using the form at the top right of this page. Otherwise, click on Register Here in the same form and complete the registration form and then login. In either case, return to this page when the login or registration is completed.

  2. If you already have a domain name registered, Transfer your domain. Otherwise, skip this step. Note: One additional year will be added to the domain registration period for all transfers as long as the total registration period does not exceed 10 years (the maximum period allowable).

  3. If you do not have a domain to be transferred, then Register the domain you want to park. You can register a domain for 1 to 10 years.

  4. Once you have completed the above steps, send an email to our Technical Support Department. In the message, tell us the domain name you are parking, whether it was registered or transferred and the email addresses you want to use for your two free email accounts. We will set everything up for you and send you a return email to advise you of when the setup is complete and the passwords for each of the email addresses. Note that, if you do not want to use any email addresses or only want one email address, that is fine. Just let us know in the message you send us. You can always setup one or both email addresses at any time in the future. Also, once the email address(es) is/are setup, you will be able to change the password(s) at any time. Details will be included in the message we send you.

When the time comes for you to activate your web site, we sincerely hope you will obtain your account from 45th Parallel Internet Services but that is not required. You can use your domain at any other hosting company and/or domain registrar at anytime. It is your domain and you have all rights to it. Just remember, if you move the domain to another web host or domain registrar, your email accounts used with that domain (if any) will be closed immediately and you will lose all the email in those accounts.

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